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Explore the online course that instills the modern woman with creative confidence and teaches poised techniques to design and host stylishly innovative parties.

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Understand the intention behind hosting and learn how to nurture meaningful relationships through entertaining.


Discover your signature style and learn how to implement your visionary aesthetic at each party.


Explore the celebratory mindset and how to invite joy into your everyday life and the lives of those you host.


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Learn how to transform into your best version of a creative party planner and proper host in this 22-lesson course experience.

Your hostess for the course, Kendra Larsen...

  • guides you through discovering your signature decorating aesthetic
  • helps you to refine your hosting personality
  • instills creative confidence
  • teaches proper etiquette and graciousness
  • walks you through every step of designing and executing unforgettable parties of various sizes
  • provides top resources, ideas and inspiration
  • teaches how to build relationships when you host
  • helps you to discover joy in your everyday life

      ...and so much more

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"Kendra is incredibly talented when it comes to planning events. No detail goes unnoticed with her. Having been to several events hosted and planned by her, I can assure her services go far and beyond than any expectation. And not only is she talented with event planning, she is friendly, kind and professional."


"Two important things stand out. First, how she relishes the details! We all know that God is in the details; Kendra goes way beyond acknowledging them and thoroughly enjoys the challenge. Second, she has plain old natural good taste...Just like your go-to friend with the impeccable fashion advice, Kendra is your gal!"


"Kendra is always on point for any event. Every detail from the decorations, to the invitations, to the food is planned to match the theme and feel of the party. She truly can do it all, and she is the ultimate party lady to get involved!"

South Carolina

"I was taken back walking into my friend's lovely bridal shower that Kendra coordinated. It was absolutely stunning...the food displays were on point and [it was] truly a treat to be a guest at this party. The thing that really stood out to me most about this party was the's all the little pieces that [when] put together made for an elegant and lovely brunch shower. Kendra truly has a gift to make a party feel up a notch and unforgettable."


Become Your Best Hostess

Start living a celebratory life by learning how to host delightful parties with enjoyment, style and purpose all while nurturing meaningful relationships.


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