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Fall Mulled Apple Cider Bar

fall Oct 17, 2019

Autumn is such a beloved time for many and it’s hard to not indulge in some of the rich flavors the season has to offer. Apple cider is one of those tastings of fall that I cannot ignore. Serve a fall mulled apple cider bar with generous toppings such as caramel sauce, whipped cream, cinnamon sticks, dashes of nutmeg, or chopped nuts for guests to create their own concoction with. My favorite way to serve any beverage at a social gathering is by creating a help-yourself drink station (usually apart from the food tables so the clustering of people can be broken up). This fall mulled apple cider bar creates an intimate setting for a warm and delicious autumn sipper. I used this recipe with the addition of lemon juice and peel. I can’t fully describe how heavenly it made my home smell all afternoon as it simmered.

Fall Mulled Apple CiderFall Mulled Apple CiderFall Mulled Apple Cider

Fall Mulled Apple CiderFall Mulled Apple CiderA wonderful pairing with mulled cider is fresh, homemade donuts. I’ve come to learn how rare cinnamon sugar donuts are around here and since they’re my favorite type of donut and cinnamon balances incredibly well with cider, I decided to make my own. This was my first attempt at homemade donuts and although I’ve been intimidated by them in the past, they were surprisingly simple to make! I followed this recipe and my kids loved helping me mix the dough and cut out the shapes. It goes without question that they tasted immeasurably better than the store-bought ones, in my opinion.

Fall Mulled Apple CiderFall Mulled Apple CiderFall Mulled Apple CiderFall Mulled Apple Cider

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