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More Than a Party

hosting Sep 23, 2019

In the spring of 2018, I began the process of applying for graduate school. I’m seeking a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and as I studied the different programs in leadership that were available, I was forced to narrow down exactly what I wanted to accomplish with this additional training and education. I made a classic pro/con list which allowed me to navigate which program best matched my life goals. In fact, in my interviews with different universities, a variation of that question was asked every time: “Why are you pursuing your masters in leadership?” / “How can this degree help you with your goals?” / “What do you want to do with your training in our program?”

As I responded to these questions, my heart would start pumping wildly and my mind would begin to race with all the opinions I have of creating a better society; our struggling youth without good, involved role models; the crumbling of the home unit and family relationships; an underlying lack of respect for others; destructive negativity and self esteem; and so many other topics that I want to have an influence in. The question excites me and I feel so passionately about many of these societal aspects. My intent was not to climb a corporate ladder, as many grad students’ goals may be, but to refine the necessary skills to have a positive impact on society.

So why This Soirée? After I had been accepted into the program that I wanted, I would lie awake the following few nights thinking of all the goals I want to accomplish and the person I want to become. Finally, I opened up my laptop and wrote down every sincere goal I had, both major and minor, professionally and personally. One of the goals that has been floating around in my head since I started this brand and finally wrote down that night was this:

I want to inspire people to host gatherings and entertain guests in order to develop and nurture their relationships and friendships. I want to inspire them to cherish human interaction, engage in meaningful conversations, respect other people’s opinions, encourage other people’s talents and nurture and appreciate the relationships they have or can develop.

I want to encourage people to find the blessings around them, develop optimism and look for ways to celebrate life–in big or small ways.

Underneath the glittering papers, lavish tablescapes, dainty desserts, sparkling adornments and excessive decorations, there’s a genuine, non-materialistic purpose for this brand: to inspire others to nurture relationships and celebrate life.

There’s no denying that I love pretty parties, delicious food, making crafts and playing the role of a hostess. This Soirée is absolutely a creative pursuit and I adore what I get to do with it. But the sincere purpose and overall goal I would love to accomplish is something intangible: it’s positivity; it’s the pursuit of happiness; it’s the caretaking of relationships; it’s the celebration of everyday life. That’s what This Soirée is about--living a celebratory life with purpose.

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