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Whipped Pumpkin Pie Recipe

fall recipe Nov 10, 2019

This whipped pumpkin pie is a delicious, double-layer, frothy cheesecake-like dessert that my aunt makes every Thanksgiving. It’s a tradition of mine to make it the first week of November to transition between Halloween and Thanksgiving, but it would also make an excellent fall dessert anytime for guests and friends.

Having a cream cheese base and strong pumpkin spices, this treat carries the richness of traditional pumpkin pie with the lightness of a mousse or meringue pie that melts in your mouth. To combine the smooth texture with a crunchy crumble, I love to use this recipe for a homemade, baked, graham cracker pie crust.

This whipped pumpkin pie is easy to prep ahead and store in the freezer until serving time. It would also make an ideal dish to take to a fall dessert exchange with girlfriends or for your own Thanksgiving Day dinner.

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