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Best Fall Florals for Hosting

fall Oct 23, 2019

The impact and dimension that fresh flowers have on a tablescape and the ambiance they unknowingly create in a room is irreplaceable. This season, entertain with the best fall florals for event hosting in a custom arrangement that invites your guests to relish the evening and feel immediately welcomed.

best fall florals for event hosting

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Vibrant ranunculus in bold orange, burgundy carnations, playful ivory spider mums, dahlias in all shades, dusty purple chrysanthemums and bright zinnias are some of my favorite fall florals to use. American beautyberry or winterberry are strong fillers that add great texture and spacing. Another (and inexpensive) option for arrangement fillers can include fruit and vegetables such as artichokes, squash, pomegranates, eggplant, pears and pumpkins. These add more dimension and unexpectedness to your bouquet.

Fall florals are saturated with rich colors and sultry texture that add immense depth to a party display and are simply gorgeous to look at. Personally, I can’t refuse a smile whenever I pass by a display of fresh flowers–no matter how big or small the arrangement is. They are just one of those things that bring me joy. Who wouldn’t want to feel that at a social gathering? Indulge your guests with a welcoming bouquet of the best fall florals for event hosting and then step back to savor the atmosphere.

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