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My 6 Favorite Hostess Gifts

fall Nov 19, 2019

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Why You Should Bring a Gift

While planning your dinner party contributions this holiday season, consider adding some of these Thanksgiving hostess gifts to your shopping list. I think most of us are aware of the amount of work it takes to host an event of any size. Especially if you’re a lover of the details--the preparation and effort that goes into invitations, menu planning, cleaning, cooking, program organizing, seating, dishwashing, baking, favor-giving, conversing, thank you card writing, cleaning again--it can be quite an orchestrated event. As a guest, there are few things more thoughtful and appreciative than bringing a hostess gift to a party you’re attending. It can be such a small and seemingly insignificant gesture that may be considered old fashioned but that’s the charm of being a cherished and appreciative guest, isn’t it?

What You Should Give

I’ve curated some of my favorite holiday hostess gifts that you can bring to your Thanksgiving dinner party this season. Assemble a homemade treat with a handwritten thank you card or prepare a creative care package of soaps for their guest bathroom. Any offering will bring gratitude to the recipient. If the host is a coffee-drinker, give him a package of his favorite blend to sip on the next morning post-party. Gifting her a custom-stamp set offers her thoughtful personalization when addressing her thank-you or holiday cards. Encourage the hostess to soak in an aroma of pine trees after a night of socializing. The key is to consider your host/hostess and what they would want/need and then tailor the gift to them. Any kind of personalizing adds a thoughtful touch and will be genuinely appreciated by your hard-working hostess. 

My 6 Favorite Hostess Gifts

1) A CandleSelect a scent that reminds you of the host, so that it's more meaningful ("This has hints of mandarin orange, which reminds me of the orange tree in your backyard"). However, be sure to include a gift receipt in case the fragrance doesn't sit well with them.

2) A Basket: Fill a basket or other stylish container with baked goods if the hostess has a sweet tooth, or a fresh plant if she's a gardener.

3) Thank You Cards or Stationery: These are a staple for most gracious hosts. Make it easier on them to send out notes following the event.

4) A Tray or Linens: No hostess can have too many trays nor linens. All finishes, materials, blends, and colors are welcomed.

5) Kitchen Tools or Serveware: Gift something that will be useful rather than take up space in their kitchen.

6) A Book: Most hostesses like to draw inspiration from other materials, so giving her something to curl up with after the chaos has subsided can sometimes hit the spot. The options are aplenty: cookbooks, design books, home decor books, fashion books, motivational books, fiction books, etc.


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