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Holiday Scented Home

winter Dec 05, 2019

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Why You Should Add Scents

My top rule and best advice for hosting a great party is to stimulate the five senses: give your guests something spectacular to see, delicious to taste, exciting to touch, beautiful to hear and intriguing to smell. The latter two are sometimes forgotten, but in my opinion crucial, elements when hosting a gathering. Besides the combined effect these five senses can have on your audience–creating the ultimate stimulating and memorable gathering–we often associate these senses with specific memories and/or occasions.

Every time I smell a cinnamon and citrus combination candle, I immediately think of visiting my aunt’s beautifully decorated and overflowing-with-love-and-joy home during Christmastime. Every time I see mountains, I think of my Dad and his stories from growing up with the vista as his backyard. Scent, sight, touch, sound and taste have such profound impacts on us as humans that using these components at a party can ensure that your events are remembered.



How to Add Scents

This holiday season, as you are either keeping a cozy and low profile at home or hosting the gingerbread house party, the cocktail soirée, the gift-wrapping night AND the hot chocolate bar–have a holiday scented home. There are numerous ways to make your home smell like alpine magic from diffusers, candles, wall plug-ins, oils, scenticles, potpourri (stay tuned for a perfect homemade recipe soon!), waxes, sprays and more. Allow your home and party to be a place no one can forget.

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